Saturday, January 23, 2010

Designer Dress-Up: Elizabeth Dye

Kellie writes her own fashion blog, Playing Dress-Up, and runs Whatshername Vintage, an Etsy shop specializing in all things vintage. Most importantly, Kellie is Bicoastal Bride's maid of honor, and is very excited to be a part of her sister’s wedding planning!

If you’ve been following my weekly guest-blogging articles, you may have noticed by now that I have a bit of an obsession with “uniqueness.” Nothing bothers me more than seeing a generic, boring dress design, especially if that dull dress is overpriced! My need for uniqueness in all aspects of fashion has, of course, carried over into my bridal gown research, and is why I have completely fallen in love with the new Elizabeth Dye collection!

Not only are the dresses beautiful, but they’re unlike anything I’ve seen before. Each design is the perfect blend of romance, vintage style, and adorable femininity – in other words, just my taste! They’re sweet without being cheesy or clichĂ©, and fun without being inappropriate for a wedding. I’ve never been much of a “giant ball gown, excessive embellishment, I look like a Disney character” type of girl myself, so were I ever in need of my own wedding dress, Elizabeth Dye’s shop, The English Dept., would be my first stop! Plus, every dress is named after or inspired by a famous literary heroine! How amazing is that?!

Do you see what I mean? They’re so girly and wonderful, without having that “I paid thousands of dollars for an off-the-rack, mass-produced carbon copy” vibe. I could honestly rave about this collection all day!

The designer truly did a fantastic job capturing the literary romance she was aiming for, and any bride would feel like a Bronte character while wearing one of these gowns. But if none of these selections appeal to you, fear not! The English Dept. also offers custom dresses, and you can’t get any more unique than that!

Here, examples of the shop’s custom creations.

Whether your personal style is flirty, glamorous, retro or romantic, The English Dept. can whip up your dream dress! For more inspiration, check out these links.

Elizabeth Dye Blog

The English Dept. on Etsy

(Photo Credits: Elizabeth Dye & The English Dept.)


  1. Cute short styles like these almost make me want to pick a second dress for the reception!

  2. Beautiful! Would make a great reception or courthouse dress if you have already taken the plunge and bought another gown. Hmmm . . .