Friday, April 1, 2011

Cheesy Wedding Songs: Must Or Bust?

Though many couples want to avoid cheesy group songs at all costs, banning the DJ from ever playing them, I personally am glad we chose to include them at our wedding reception. Why? Because everyone loved them and had fun!

As clichĂ© and overdone as songs like YMCA and Thriller might be, they never fail to get everyone on the dance floor, laughing, acting crazy and having a great time. Looking back, one of my favorite things about our wedding reception was that we also decided to vary our music selections, playing a mix of our current favorites, old-time classics and well-known favorites in different genres. As a result, we had three generations of guests packing the floor throughout the night!

One of my bridesmaids even told me afterward that our wedding had made her grandmother “young again,” and that she hadn’t seen her move like that in years! Worth an Electric Slide or two? Definitely!

What do you think? Will you include fan favorites and a variety of music at your wedding?

(Photo Credits: Alex Neumann Photography)


  1. We went the "non-cheesy" route, but I can definitely appreciate the appeal of certain songs. My husband is really particular about music, and put his foot down to songs like "Love Shack," which I know is a crowd-pleaser amongst our friends. Great photos! It looks like everyone is having an amazing time :)

  2. I like to pick and choose...

    a few are great ways to get peopl dancing, but too many is just cheesy overload

  3. hahaha, this is sad but true! Once we did the electric slide, everyone was up on the dance floor. hahaha!

  4. What a GREAT post!

    I banned my DJ and he listened to me. (He was awesome.) While he did a fantastic job of getting everyone on the dance floor (we had 5 hours of dancing), I got a few complaints that he wouldn't play the YMCA or Shout!

    In retrospect, I wish I would have given him a "NEVER PLAY LIST" and a "If these are requested, go ahead and play them" list.

    You don't want to hear a song you hate (I HATE Shout and YMCA and the B52s) at your wedding, but sometimes you can deal with a cliche or two :)

  5. We had a couple of cheesy songs - the Electric Slide (which got EVERYONE to the dance floor) and SHOUT (which everyone also got really into - we decided to play it after seeing how much fun the opening of Wedding Crashers was!) I think cheesy songs in moderation at a wedding is okay. :)

  6. Looks like you had a really fun and great crowd of friends and family members at your wedding and thats all that matters! Who cares what people say about these sounds, they do get ppl on the dance floor! I think we did the electric slide and another song that had a dance to it! :) Hope you had a great weekend Heather <3

  7. We had a live band so we didnt really have any cheesy songs as such but I do love one occasionally!