Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cruising Together

Over the past couple years, cruising has definitely become my absolute favorite way to travel. For one thing, it lets you visit tons of different places without the hassle of unpacking, repacking and hopping a plane each time. Instead, you’re free to simply relax while the ship carries you on to the next port. The all-inclusive food, great options for excursions and fun things to do onboard don’t hurt either!

So far, we’ve cruised to Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama and the Hawaiian Islands. Though we’re cutting back on travel somewhat this year, both to save money and because of my hectic year-round class schedule, it hasn’t stopped me from dreaming about the next two regions I want to cruise – Alaska and the Mediterranean.

The Alaskan cruise I've got my eye on is a weeklong trip aboard Norwegian Cruise Lines. It starts and ends in Seattle, stopping at different Alaskan ports and cruising Glacier Bay throughout the week. Excursions include whale watching and other fun nature or wildlife-focused activities.

The Mediterranean cruise is a longer 14-night Royal Caribbean trip, starting in Barcelona and stopping at gorgeous ports in Sicily, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Malta and Spain. This list majorly excites me, especially since I've always wanted to see the pyramids and visit Athens.

Which do you think sounds the most fun? I just may have to choose between these two for my graduation celebration next year, and right now, I’m leaning toward going all out with the Mediterranean trip!

How do you like to travel, and where do you hope to head next?

(Photo Credit: Personal Library)


  1. Meditteranean, hands down. That's what I want to do next!

  2. I've always been scared by the stories on the news of cruises gone wrong! I'm so glad you shared your positive experience because Shawn would love to go on one.
    I HATE flying.

    I would also choose Meditteranean!

  3. We'll be taking our first cruise this summer and I'm both excited and majorly apprehensive. I'm a fly by the seat of your pants, catch the midnight train, eat dinner with locals, Rick Steves traveler so I'm worried about how I'm going to do with pre-determined port times and not being able to dig beneath the culture of the ports.

    With that, I would definitely choose Europe! Maybe I'm a bit of an adventurer but Alaskan cruises seem to be something I'd love to do when I'm older, when sitting and whale watching is all I want to do. For now, I'm up for adventure!

  4. The Mediterranean trip sounds like a dream come true!! I love that cruises take you to so many places all in one!

  5. If you've never been to the Mediterranean, you have to go! Nothing will compare. And seeing the pyramids at Giza was one of the highlights of my entire life. I know that sounds dramatic, but it was a truly powerful experience. Alaska would be lovely, too. My parents wanted to take that cruise before my dad passed away. I am still trying to convince my mom to go with my aunt. Maybe she'll do it one of these days!

  6. The Mediterranean trip sounds absolutely amazing!!

  7. My parents cruised to alaska and LOVED it!!!

    I can't wait to go on another one.

  8. you've been to so many great places :) i've always wanted to cruise. right now i want to visit greece.

  9. Funnn! I love cruises but haven't been on many, just a few.

    The Mediterranean cruise sounds great! I'd love to travel to all of those places! :)

  10. I'm torn...I've been on a royal Caribbean cruise to the Mediterranean before (about 4 years ago with my parents) and while it was amazing to see all those places: It was suuuuuccch a tease. Now, we had some unfortunate situations with our trip (we left the morning of the liquid scare in Heathrow took us a full 27 hours to get to barcelona and we lost our entire day of exploring that city. Then my mom had stomach pains on the cruise (seriously, it was just from overeating) and when she went to ask the dr. on board for pepto bismal, they thought she had a virus and quarantined her for 48 hours! she wasn't allowed to leave the boat our entire time in Malta. My dad got seasick, it was kind of comically awful and I realize that's not everyone's experience) As for the siteseeing, It was very fly by the seat of your pants one day here one day there and I really didn't feel like I got to experience any of the locations for what they were. It def. gave me a good idea for where I know I want to go back to, but I'm so excited to go to Italy for my honeymoon because it will be the first time I can actually know what Italy is like for more than 5 hours at a time. I've heard amazing things about the Alaskan cruises and I think if you're going to ever do Alaska...the cruise would be the way to go. so I'm gonna vote for that one. Phew that was long!

  11. I like the idea of cruises but don't think I'll ever go on one because I have an issue with motion-sickness! I know there are things you can do to prevent it but I wouldn't want to take my chances. I'd much rather just stay in a hotel. :) But if I were to choose, I'd pick a Mediterranean cruise. My cousin did one and it sounded amazing!

  12. oooh sounds wonderful; I think I would choose the Mediterranean one; although I would love to go to Alaska at some point too.

    Ive never been on a cruise before as Im not so keen on the idea of being told when / where to be and think I would always want to stay longer in each place.

    However saying that, on our tour around Sri Lanka for our honeymoon we were told when / where to be so it probably wouldnt be any different.

    My parents have just booked a cruise leaving from Rome in the summer.

    As for us, we have just returned from Bratislava & Vienna as you know; next up we are going to Marrakech for Grahams 30th then we are considering maybe Cologne or Tallinn for my 30th in December. For all of these trips we have just booked the flights and hotels separately then we just do as we please in the cities. Travelling is definitely what we spend a lot of our money on and I always think it is totally worth it.