Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Flat Shoes = A Bride’s Best Friend

Though I rarely wear high heels in everyday life, like most brides, I wanted to rock a classic pair on my wedding day, if only for the photo ops and so that I’d be closer in height to my husband, who towers over me at 6’4”.

But as reasonably comfortable as my three-inch heels actually were throughout the ceremony and part of the reception, I still had no intention of sticking with them all night long. No, as soon as the garter toss -- the last photo op of the night for my feet -- came to a close, I was more than ready to trade in my heels for a pair of silver Delicate Soles shoes I’d won through a blog giveaway.

Not only were these shoes comfortable, but because they’re designed to roll up for storage, they were also incredibly easy to slip into my bag of essentials for the day. Plus, the silver color still matched up with my color scheme, letting me dance the night away in style!

Are you bringing a change of shoes for yourself or your bridesmaids? Do you normally like to wear flats or heels?

(Photo Credit: Delicate Soles)


  1. I LOVE wearing heels!! having said that , I really have really no place to wear them....I wear flats the majority of the time. :/

    PS those flats are super cute!

  2. I love wearing heels and I have quite a collection, but I never wear them! I'll be barefoot and changing into flat sandals. lol! Love your metallic flats! So cute!

  3. I live in my heels! Like your husband, mine towers over my 5'2" frame at 6'5"! I also work in an office dominated by tall males, and refuse to "look up" at them any more than I have to. I've come to realize that the more expensive the shoe, the more comfortable the heel, though this is not a good thing for my wallet. I do sometimes switch into flats to commute to and from work, but only if I'm wearing a skirt - otherwise, my pants drag on the ground. At the wedding, I kept my shoes on all night, though several of my bridesmaids switched to flats. I remember when you won those silver flats - they're so cute!

  4. I wish I had ... my feet were KILING ME!!

  5. I am all about flats. My friend told us to wear whatever we want - floor length dresses, no one will see our feet. She's wear flip flops to be comfortable, so am I!

  6. Another great time to wear flat shoes for your wedding is when you are having a beach wedding.

    Many couples opt for a destination wedding here in Hawaii. But one thing they don't think about is walking in the sand in "HIGH HEELS!" I see it all the time when I am relaxing at the beach here on Maui at sunset time.

    I heard from one of my local wedding planners here in Hawaii that the grooms mom showed up in SPIKED heels,nylons, and a black cocktail dress for her sons beach wedding.

    Keep up the great blogs.
    Marie Glodt
    Travel to Maui

  7. ahh i love the idea of flats that roll up in your bag! so cute!

  8. i totally brought a change of shoes! right when the reception began, i slipped them on and no one knew. i was so comfortable for the rest of the night :)

  9. Those are so pretty, love the silver color. I wore flats from the ceremony to the reception and then when we were dancing at the end I took my flats off! LOL! I wear sneakers and flats all the time, i think the last time i wore heels was to my college graduation 6 yrs ago! :)

    Thanks for the sweet words for my stepdaughter <3

  10. I'll be wearing heels...but I have decorated flip flops (will be coming up on the blog at some point!) to give to my bridesmaids and for me as a backup. I really hope I can wear my heels all night..but we'll have to see.

  11. hi thanks for sharing this


  12. I wore heels as I normally would for going out but to work or just at the weekend I wear flats.

    I took a flat pair with me to my wedding but decided to manage with my 3.5 inch heels as long as I could as I didnt want my dress to trail on the ground. I managed until right at the end which I was surprised about!

    When I was a bridesmaid for my friend then my sister I wore high 4 inch heels that I could not wear all night so I had to change!