Friday, April 22, 2011

Discovering My Dream Home

So many of our friends and relatives are buying their first homes, which is of course very exciting for them, and also for us, since we get to help them celebrate!

Certainly, buying a home is a huge step, and while Stephen and I definitely hope to have our own within the next few years, we can’t buy until we decide where we want to be long-term. As I’ve mentioned before, though we’ve enjoyed the D.C. area, we hope to move somewhere else next year after I complete my master’s degree.

But just because we can’t buy yet doesn’t mean I haven’t had time to dream about the type of home I’d like. And last year, while we were in New Mexico, I saw a real estate listing for my ultimate dream home. I’ve always adored ranch-style architecture, and although this house might be too extravagant for a first-time buy, I can certainly dream of owning a place like it someday.

Check out these pictures, and tell me, what’s your dream home look like?

Have a happy Easter weekend, everyone! Tomorrow, I'm taking my first full day to relax since January! Stephen and I will be heading to our favorite vineyard and then just spending time together, celebrating all of our accomplishments so far this year -- most of all, having a strong and loving marriage even in the face of intense stress in other areas of our lives. In our eyes, there's truly nothing more important than that.

(Photo Credits: Zillow)


  1. That house is absolutely gorgeous!!

    Have a super weekend and enjoy your day tomorrow, you totally deserve it!


  2. That house is amazing! Right now, our dream home is probably an old Victorian in SF with an updated inside and double-paned windows (it's amazing how few homes/apartments have them here, and this city is always on the cool side). More than 1100 square feet and two bathrooms would also be nice. I also have a vision for a dream summer home in Marin County with a pool :)

  3. I love the natural aspect of the architecture. Gorgeous!

  4. Wow that house is amazing! We are in a similar position to you, but I've been looking at houses online recently just to get a feel of what I like and what I don't like in houses..of course, I seem to have $500k taste with a $250k budget... :)

  5. WOw that house is amazing. New Mexico is cool. Went there last year, I believe. Happy Easter.

  6. Beautiful house! We're saving up to buy our own home here in the Northeast. It's still a few years away for us. It's fun to look at homes in our area and daydream about having one someday!

  7. wow!! gorgeous house! one day!