Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wedding Week Countdown: Sweet ‘Somethings’

On my wedding day, I’ll be a classic bride with my…

Something Old

The gorgeous heirloom diamond in my engagement ring, which belonged to Stephen’s late grandmother, Jan.

Something New

My Alfred Angelo wedding gown!

Something Borrowed

My sister’s cute ivory clutch.

Something Blue

The tiny bow on the inside of my garter, which is a wedding day surprise for the groom!

What are your special “somethings”?


  1. Great "somethings," especially the "something old." I haven't finalized mine yet - I still need a "something borrowed"!

  2. My something old/borrowed was my grandmother's engagement ring and my something new was my dress and something blue were my shoes :)

  3. I plan on sharing all of these in my future recaps...I loved the tradition behind it all. Yours are fabulous...the ring is the best but the clutch from sis is so precious, too!

  4. I think I have that same garter for my something blue!

    My something new is my dress also. Something old (or borrowed) will hopefully be antique jewelry that belonged to my nana. I have a coworker who's offered to let me borrow her veil, but I think I want a different style from what she's offering, but we'll see :)

  5. I love all of yours!

    My something old was my engagement ring - which is from the 1920's.

    Something borrowed was my mothers veil.

    Something blue was a label my mother sewed into my dress, and a blue bow on the garter she made me.

    Something new was my dress and shoes!

    So excited. Tell us how you are feeling? Are you nervous? Stressed? Excited??

  6. I love your somethings!

    Something old was my granny's sapphire ring she left me when she died.

    Something new was almost everything I had on; my dress, shoes, veil, tiara, jewellery etc

    Something borrowed was the garter my mum wore on her wedding day.

    Something blue was I Do rhinestone stickers on the bottom of my shoes.

    I really should do a post of them properly soon with pics!

    OMG just 1 day to go!