Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Bicoastal Wedding Gown Takes Flight

Planning the wedding was fun. The stressful part? Lugging my Alfred Angelo gown, altered just in time for us to leave town, across the country through three airports. Today, my husband shares his recap story about the infamous bicoastal wedding dress.

Looking back, I’m thankful Heather chose a light wedding gown, or at least a dress lighter than some of the crazy 80-pounders she’s pointed out on Say Yes to the Dress. After carrying the dress all around the Chicago O’Hare terminal, if it had been any heavier, I don’t think I would have survived.

Not only did the weight of the gown pose a problem, but the shear size of the garment bag made it incredibly difficult to carry, first through security at Reagan National in D.C., then all around the Chicago airport, and finally upon arrival in Los Angeles. Escalators, doorways, and even trying to find a place to sit down in a crowded airport became so much more tedious with a wedding dress in the picture.

Leaving D.C., I hadn’t yet seen the dress, and I wanted to try my best to avoid seeing it before the wedding day. But even though its bag was opaque, I could ultimately see some details when it was backlit. The most noticeable part was that there was a dark sash, although I couldn’t tell what color it was. However, at that point, even Heather was resigned to the fact that there simply wasn’t any alternative.

Though we were flying first class and had been relaxed at the beginning of the day, a cancellation, a couple gate changes, and another delay had us frazzled sooner rather than later. Once on each plane, there was thankfully a first class closet available in which to store the dress. But unfortunately, even this space was not large enough to hold the gown without folding it.

In the end, we made it through the trip without any damage to the dress, and I also got a great workout. But it sure wasn’t easy, and it got our wedding week off to a pretty stressful start!

Will you or did you travel with your wedding gown? Is yours a heavy dress, whether carrying it or wearing it?

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  1. I can't even begin to tell you how heavy my gown was. It didn't seem like it at the time but once I had been in it for several hours I was done. I absolutely loved it though. But if I had a do-over, I can't say I wouldn't have gone with something much lighter since I was bummed I had to change out of it right after our cocktail was too much to bear by that point and I was going to pass out!

    To give you an idea of the weight of that gargantuan beauty, my seamstress told me it was the heaviest wedding gown she'd ever worked on!

    Glad you survived and I am totally impressed by your resolve to handle it personally rather than trust shipping.

  2. My gown was pretty light both to wear and to carry which was a must for me since I'm petite. Also, since it was a full lace gown it didn't show wrinkles or anything like that which was nice.

    I probably would have been a stress case if I had to take it with me on a plane. Glad it all worked out for you.

  3. I know firsthand how terrible this can be. Getting a wedding dress through customs isn't much fun either. :) Thank goodness our resort was able to press it for me because it was a big old mess when we got there!

  4. My dress isn't very heavy but it is the heaviest dress I have ever tried on much less worn. Hopefully i'll change into it long before it exhausts me.

  5. I think its really great that you carried her dress for her and didn't check it in, Ive heard about some brides losing their dresses because they checked it in with their luggage. My dress was heavy enough to wear and carry out of the Im sure Heather is a greatful bride and wife! :)

  6. I had to do this too. I actually folded the dress into my carryon bag just so we wouldn't have to carry it on the long transatlantic trip. It got here in one piece and without a wrinkle surprisingly enough! Mr. Milk had to help me shove it into the carry one so he too inevitably got a good feel for the gown. Oh well...

  7. Amazing that the dress looked so fresh after being carted across the country! Folding the dress into the airplane closet must have been nerve wracking, but I still think carrying it on was THE way to go.

    Your husband's a keeper for carrying such precious cargo so you didn't have to!

  8. 80 pound? Ugh. Is it weird that now I want to go weigh my dress? Hehe. It is heavy to wear (maybe that's why brides feel faint on the big day; not actually nerves). I'll just have to make sure I'm in excellent physical shape by then!

  9. Glad you got it there in one piece!

    My dress wasnt really heavy at all; just LONG!

    We didnt need to take it anywhere though so just brought it home from the seamstress and took it to my parents.

  10. oh wow! It was worth it as your dress is gorgeous!