Thursday, June 17, 2010

Floor Décor

With our budget maxed out and gobo lighting out of the question, Stephen and I were initially fine with the idea of a bare, undecorated dance floor at our wedding. After all, the floor is there for guests to party on, not admire!

Enter Ten23 Designs, recommended by Ashley at Bride on a Budget. Not only does this company offer some amazing designs for stick-on floor decals, but the options were all amazingly affordable – a perfect alternative to expensive lighting tricks!

I’ll admit that never having used one of these before, I was a bit worried about the cleanup afterward, especially since we would have been held responsible for any damage to our venue’s floor. But as far as I know, the venue staff had no trouble at all when pulling it up. And throughout the night, we got many compliments about how great the decal looked, and what a fun idea it was!

Here, our design, which we ordered with our names and in purple. Stay tuned for pictures!

Are you using a floor decal or special monogrammed lighting at your wedding?

(Photo Credit: Ten23 Designs)


  1. Wow, this is a fantastic alternative! I would love to have a gobo or monogram light, but it probably won't happen due to budget constraints as well. This is a great alternative!

  2. Tem23 has great customer service. I won a giveaway for a monogram through her blog a while back and it was a very easy process.

    I don't think this is something we will budget for.

  3. Great alternative! And much more budget friendly than the gobo lighting. Can't wait to see yours!

  4. I love your design! I looked at these myself but opted for the GOBO light because our dance floor was all tile and wouldn't really allow for application or show case this type of decal very well.

    Such a great idea...I loved them!

  5. Funny I posted about the same theme today over my blog :-).
    Ten23Designs is so affordable and have great designs. It is a good alternative for the monogram light.


  6. Oh how cool! I love the projector effect on the dance floor at weddings and never would have thought to do a decal! Bring on the pics!