Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Wedding Day Photo Shoot: Behind-the-Scenes

Our pro shots will be coming soon to a computer screen near you, but before they do, I want to share a few behind-the-scenes glimpses of our wedding party and photographers in action!

Not only did my awesome friend Damien Smith, a stellar wedding photographer who’s shared tons of great tips here on the blog, shoot for us pre-ceremony and throughout the night, but our hired husband and wife team from Alex Neumann Photography did an out-of-this-world job, helping everyone have fun as the camera captured some of the most artistic, creative shots I could ever have imagined. Add in our fabulous videographer Max, and we had a real dream team on our hands!

Here, a few snippets of all the behind-the-camera fun.

Oops! My bridesmaids aren’t wearing their shoes yet! You can see them scrambling in the background, as my mom gets ready to lay out my train for a few pre-ceremony pictures.

It’s time for hair and makeup stylist Jana Bunge, who truly went above and beyond, to attach my lovely veil. Ever the expert, Damien sets up the shot.

I just loved posing in front of the wrought-iron gate at our Gardens of the World “first look” sight, while my groom checked me out in the background.

Alex is keeping the boys in line!

Smile for post-ceremony formals!

Max and Alex stole a few well-deserved minutes to chill out during the reception.

What are some favorite behind-the-scenes moments from your wedding, or some of the best you’ve witnessed at others’?

(Photo Credits: Personal Library)


  1. This all looks like so much fun! I can't wait to get ready with my girls. I really love the getting ready shots, and will make sure my photog knows to get a bunch of those.

  2. What fun shots. I'm not a big photo girl so we didn't do a lot of posing - I asked our photog to do more candids... I can't wait to see the photos!!

  3. Thanks for sharing this post!!! I like it and photos a lot!!!!
    Also I'like to share you website with wedding pictures

  4. Even your behind the scenes shots are gorgeous!

  5. I can't wait to see that shot at the wrought iron gate! It looks so pretty. Wish I had some like that. sigh

    Sounds like you had a wonderful time with your vendor team. For the most part, we loved all of ours too. They definitely kept us laughing and such. I especially love some footage I am sharing on Thursday of our videographer talking to us during our first look :)

  6. Very pretty! I love the purple dresses.

  7. Love that everyone is scrambling for shoes. Looks like so much fun!

  8. Fab fun shots; looking forward to seeing the rest.

    Love the colour of your bridesmaids too!