Thursday, April 15, 2010

It’s Tea Time!

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a big Disney fan, and even held my bachelorette bash at Disneyland earlier this month. (Stay tuned for recaps soon!) So, you can imagine my excitement when my mom, sister and bridesmaids surprised me with an Alice in Wonderland tea party bridal shower during my recent visit to California!

Though I did know ahead of time which day the shower was planned for, I had no idea what the theme would be or how our friends’ home would be decorated for the party. Well, I can now say that the decorations were too cute, the iced and hot teas served were fabulous, and the games were lots of fun!

Kellie, my sister, MOH and master party planner, dressed things up with a photo of she and I posing with Alice at Disneyland as kids, mini flower pots filled with jelly beans, and bags of floral seeds for guests to take home as favors. She also planned two fun games, the first of which involved everyone getting two playing cards at the start of the party, along with a list of “off limits” words. Get caught saying one of the words? Whoever caught you got to keep your cards, and the person with the most cards at the end of the party won a set of pomegranate sugar stirrers.

The second game, of the “get-to-know-the-bride” variety, involved a series of questions about my life, which everyone had to answer. I then responded to the questions myself, and we tallied who got the most right. (My mom and sister weren’t allowed to play.) Guess who won? My mother-in-law-to-be!

Here, a few more fun highlights from the day.

Check out these cute tea cups, just waiting to be filled.

Arrangements of stuffed animals helped set the stage.

A lovely lace parasol hung from the ceiling, and streamers “showered” me with rain!

This creative wreath of kitchen goodies made an amazing gift.

I got many generous presents, including table settings, kitchen gadgets, gift cards, and even a few honeymoon surprises for the groom!

I’m a happy bride-to-bride, posing with my cake.

Did you or will you have a bridal shower? What are some of your favorite themes?

(Photo Credits: Pooneh Nasrollahnia)


  1. Oh my gosh, how cute and fun! I would love this sort of theme! My shower is going to be held at my cousin/MOH's parents' house in the town where I grew up. It probably won't have a theme, but I'm looking forward to some quality backyard time in the summer sun.

    I absolutely love that parasol shower decoration and am going to use it myself one day when I host a shower ;)

  2. I absolutely love the tea cups. It reminds me of special times with my great-aunt. If she was still living I know my bridal shower would be full of old school glam.

  3. That is the cutest thing ever! They did such a great job! I have my "family" bridal shower next week but I'm pretty sure there isn't any specific theme set.

  4. No showers scheduled yet, but I'd love to have something food or cooking related with guests bringing their favorite recipes. Looks like you had a great shower!

  5. The tea cups are so adorable! What a great time! Love the theme!

  6. What a fun shower! Your mom, sister & bridesmaids outdid themselves! :)

  7. That looks so much fun !!!
    I am so in love with those tea cups. Adorable !!!!


  8. I had my bridal shower in March. I just posted a few pics!! You look like you had so much fun!!

  9. What great friends you have. That shower looks amazing!

  10. What a fun day! I love the Alice in Wonderland theme. My shower is in a little more than a week and I can't wait!