Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Disney Daze Bachelorette

I may in many ways be a classic bride, but when it came to my bachelorette party, things were about as non-traditional as you can get! As I mentioned in my sneak peak a few weeks back, five of my bridesmaids treated me to a fun day at Disneyland, followed by an Easter brunch the next morning. Here, the highlights of the celebration!

Here I am, decked out in my Minnie Mouse ears and bride sash, which was created by bridesmaid Bridget.

All five of us on Thunder Mountain. Bridget made sashes for the girls, too, and we got lots of attention throughout the day, including shout-outs from ride operators and permission to skip a line or two!

Bridesmaid Pooneh also created a fun game where we were given a series of riddles about different Disney rides, and had to try solving them throughout the day. Some of the questions were hard, even for a Disney buff like me!

We ate dinner at the Blue Bayou, which is located inside the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, and has a great New Orleans vibe. Our waiter even ended the meal by bringing me a special treat since I was the bride-to-be!

Our Easter brunch the next morning included a delicious meal of waffles and fresh strawberries, plus games. First, Bridget asked us each a series of questions about me and Stephen's relationship, and the girls had to answer the way they thought I would. It was fun to hear their responses!

After breakfast, we hunted eggs, which each contained candy and a question about the groom. To my surprise, Bridget had already asked Stephen the questions, and we “tested” how many I got right. The results? I didn’t know all of the answers, but overall, I know my groom very well!

Thanks for a wonderful time, girls! What are your bachelorette plans?

(Photo Credits: Pooneh Nasrollahnia)


  1. I never thought about going to Disney World but that would have been so much fun!! I'll be laying on the beach both days as my priority was working on my tan but now I'm kind of jealous... can I have 2 parties?

  2. Sounds like so much fun! I love the Blue Bayou restaurant, and I love that how you can see the boat "passengers" embarking on the ride as they eat their food. What a great idea for a bachelorette party :)

  3. How sweet of your girls and what a fun bachelorette party!

  4. What a cute and fun idea. Looks like you had a great time!

  5. WOW! It looks like you had a ton of fun!! I heart Disneyland! What a lucky gal! ;)

  6. I'd love to go to Disney for my bachelorette's! So jealous! Looks like you all had an amazing time! What great gal pals!

  7. What a fun idea! I love the bridal mouse ears!

  8. Love your hat and sash. What wonderful friends to throw you such a fun party. Wish I lived close enough to go to Disney Land!

  9. Love the Minnie ears!!!
    Now I want to do my bachelorette party at Disney soooooo bad!!!