Saturday, November 21, 2009

Wedding Florist Q&A – Part One

I'm sorry to say I never inherited my grandfather's green thumb. Growing up, I was always the house-sitter who killed the plants, or the wannabe gardener who was better off sticking to weeding. And when it comes to choosing flowers for my wedding day, I need all the help I can get.

Luckily, Southern California wedding florist Jamie Mastright came to my rescue, and was happy to help set me on the right path. I hope her great advice, which I'll share in two parts, helps you out, too!

What are some of the hottest trends in wedding flowers right now?

Hand-tied bouquets are very popular, and a lot of florists are adding interesting textures, such as beads, crystals, pearls, and unique wrapping around the stems. Also, designers and brides are looking for different and unique ways to use inexpensive flowers and give the bride more for her dollar. For example, florists are using fewer flowers, but instead adding special touches like twisted and looped leaves or grasses. The different shapes are visually appealing, and the foliage is cheaper than most flowers.

Do you recommend that a bride try to "do it herself" to save money? Why or why not? What are your best DIY tips?

While a bride can, of course, try to do the flowers on her own, I always try to remind her that the hectic flower assembly must be completed right before the wedding, along with all the other activities filling her schedule. It's a very busy time, and there are usually hiccups in the design process for that very reason.

If a bride does decide to take the DIY route, my best tip is to not be afraid to experiment, because in terms of design, anything is possible. DIY brides should practice before the wedding. This will help calm their nerves and allow time to solve any design issues they might have. I recommend using an assembly line during the floral construction, and getting the bridesmaids and family members involved in the process.

What are some of your favorite unique bouquet, boutonnière and centerpiece ideas?

I love the look of twisted wire in corsages and boutonnières, as well as bouquets and arrangements. It helps add interest and is a fun design. I once had a bride who wanted to use fern fiddles - the newest unfurled growth on a fern - in the boutonnières, but was discouraged by the cost. So, I came up with the idea of using wire and floral tape to mimic the twisted design. I also love the use of fruit in arrangements, which can help add an interesting touch and give guests something new to look at.

A centerpiece idea I especially love right now is the use of everyday items, including cups and bowls, as containers for floral designs. It's fun to mix and match your favorite dishes, even those you might have found at discount stores and thrift shops. They can help create either a shabby-chic or elegant look, depending which containers you choose. And if you like a container that doesn't traditionally hold water, just add a plastic liner.

Which flowers, designs and trends are you tying into your celebration? Do you plan to DIY?

(Photo Credits: Jamie Mastright)

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