Monday, November 23, 2009

Unique Registry Inspiration

Since we both already have oodles of traditional kitchen, bath and home goodies, Stephen and I are definitely on the hunt for registries that offer more than just the usual fare.

And because we're planning a long-distance wedding, our suitcases will surely be bulging before and after the cross-country flights - even without the added extra of gifts that were brought to the wedding.

Here, two of our favorites so far:

Honeyfund --

At Honeyfund, you can customize your registry by creating a personalized wish list of honeymoon-related "gifts," like a stay at that great hotel you've been dreaming about, a fun sightseeing daytrip, surf lessons at the beach, or even airfare to help you get there!

Once you've set up your free account, simply enter titles and descriptions for the activities you'd like to fund, along with the cost and how many you'll need. For example, two tickets for snorkeling, one rental get the point. Guests can then visit your registry, select an item, and send you a check, along with a gift certificate explaining which "gift" they're giving.

Since our honeymoon is a weeklong Hawaiian cruise, we're using this site to register for shore excursions, romantic dinners and other special extras!

Planning our wedding celebration has been a constant reminder of how truly lucky we are, and has driven home the importance of helping those in need. JustGive is simple to navigate, and the site offers a wealth of charities to choose from, along with stats and detailed information about each one.

While we're celebrating with our families and friends, we'll feel good about helping others realize their dreams, too.

Do you have any other interesting suggestions for us?

(Photo Credit: Honeyfund)

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  1. We are doing the honeyfund thing...already set up our site there even though we haven't sent it out to guests yet. We are also doing the traditional registry (Probably at Bed, Bath & Beyond). I love your idea for the justgive site.