Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Anniversary Dance: Celebrating a Lifetime of Marriage & Love

When I was little, I loved looking through my grandparents' wedding album as we gathered together to celebrate their anniversaries. Today, as Stephen and I prepare to set out on our own lifetime together, my grandparents continue to celebrate nearly 60 years of being married, happy and in love.

To honor them, and all of our married relatives and friends, our reception will feature an anniversary dance set to Kenny Rogers' "Through the Years," a favorite of our family members and a song with beautiful lyrics about a love that has stood the test of time.

Throughout the song, the DJ will eliminate couples until only the longest-married pair remains, and we'll then honor those two by giving them a special gift, although we've yet to decide exactly what it will be. And to make the dance more unique, plus let those who aren't participating still feel included, we'll simultaneously play a slideshow featuring the wedding photos of our married guests, including a few favorites from the album I used to love perusing as a kid.

While I know our wedding day will come and go in a flash, this dance allows us to truly honor marriage as the lifetime partnership and commitment that it is. And in my opinion, there's no better way to kick off our own life together than by recognizing those who've already been at it for years or decades.

Do you plan to include an anniversary dance or other special tradition as part of your reception? If you're doing a dance, which song will you play, and what are you giving away as the prize?

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  1. So so great! I only wish that I had grandparents that could participate in something like this :) I am just hoping my grandma is still around come wedding day...she will be turning 95 right after our wedding. I will be seeing her this week at her home for our annual big family Turkey Day dinner and every year we are all there in her home it just amazes me to think that she is the one who brought our huge family together (and birthed them) :)

    Your guests will love all the little details you are incorporating into this wonderul idea!