Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Wedding Night: Tropical Illusions

I had a blast planning our wedding day down to the smallest details, but this of course meant that there weren’t too many surprises waiting for me after everything was said and done. But thanks to Stephen’s best man and friends, there was a big one awaiting both of us at the start of our wedding night!

As we walked into our hotel room, we were met with the coolest tropical-themed display ever, complete with hanging leis and streamers, twinkle lights across the headboard of the bed, coconut cocktail mugs, and blowup palm trees and beach creatures everywhere.

It turns out that earlier in the day, while we and the wedding party were taking our “first look” photos, Stephen’s other buddies were hard at work setting up this awesome display! Though we only got to stay there and enjoy it that one night, it was the perfect way to get us in the spirit for our honeymoon cruise in Hawaii.

Did your friends pull off any special surprises on your wedding day or during your engagement?

(Photo Credit: Personal Library)


  1. That's so nice of them! We decorated our friends' wedding suite at the W with roses and chocolates that we ran out to buy before the ceremony. They said they loved it!

  2. so cool! love the flowers hanging from the ceiling.

  3. That's such a fun surprise! I'm looking forward to that kind of love to be shown to us on our wedding day :)

  4. You guys have awesome friends. That is so thoughtful

  5. Thats so cool they did that for you both; must have been a fab surprise!