Thursday, September 9, 2010

Aloha & Goodnight

For several reasons, Stephen and I decided to skip a traditional grand exit at the end of our reception. For one thing, we planned to be the last ones left, enjoying every final second of the celebration we had planned. Plus, with all of the venue’s restrictions against sparklers, noisemakers, and other potentially messy or loud options, we knew we’d be better off coming up with a unique plan of our own.

And that we did. After the final dances of the evening had played out and our guests were gathering their things to leave, we had one final surprise for them, and one last opportunity for them to wish us well as we prepared to head off on our Hawaiian honeymoon adventure. At the DJ’s announcement, best man Brian and maid of honor Kellie slipped colorful leis over our heads, and the remaining guests gathered around as we danced to Elvis’ “Blue Hawaii” with our engagement slideshow playing onscreen in the background.

Since our photographer and videographer had already left for the night, our guests were kind enough to snap a couple shots of us sharing these final moments of our party, and to then wish us “bon voyage” as we at last headed out the door. Though there was no shower of streamers or glow of fireworks, plus no long tunnel of guests to run through, I couldn’t have been happier with the way this ending worked out.

What are your plans for a grand exit or special last dance?

(Photo Credits: Personal Library)


  1. I love it! No grand exit ideas for us, either, for all the reasons you mentioned. But this was a great way for you to stay until the end and also make the end of the night special. Hmmmm . . . maybe we should play "New York, New York" as our last song?

  2. How nice! Love these pics. That was sweet of some of your guests to take them!

    Our venue doesn't allow sparklers either so we are probably going to do the metallic streamers in our wedding colors or something. Not sure yet..