Monday, September 6, 2010

Making Your Party ‘Pop’

Candy and dessert tables have become a tried and true staple at events of all types and sizes, but another fun and affordable option – the popcorn display – often flies under the radar. For years, this has been one of my all-time favorites, and it’s easy to see why.

With just a little research, you can find tasty options online through sites such as Popcorn Papa, which offers tons of choices in colors and flavors to match your theme or décor. From jalapeno or dill pickle, to vanilla or watermelon, the sweet and salty flavors can be as classic or crazy as you wish.

At the Wish Upon a Wedding DC launch party in June, blue candy-coated popcorn, along with classic butter and cheese corn, made for a fun display near the entrance, plus a simple take-home snack for guests.

Plus, while cupcakes and custom-made treats can become costly very quickly, a 6.5-gallon bag costs less than $8 on Popcorn Papa. Just pick up a few clear containers and scoops, plus DIY labels and favor bags, and you’ll be good to go! Candy-coated popcorn can be a great addition to a candy or dessert table, as well.

Or, if you prefer to serve your popcorn up fresh, plenty of rental companies can hook you up with an onsite machine sure to add a touch of carnival-style fun to your wedding or birthday party.

What’s your favorite buffet-style table?

(Photo Credits: Wish Upon a Wedding DC & Weddingbee)


  1. LOVING the popcorn idea!! Never even heard of that before! So cool!

  2. Love popcorn, especially cheddar cheese flavor - the dill also sounds amazing. I'd love to see a brownie bar at a wedding, but haven't come across one yet in my daily blog reads.

  3. I love flavoured popcorn!

    Candy & dessert buffets still arent that common over here but think they will be soon!