Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Symbols Of Our Love

Prince William made headlines last month by deciding to go without a wedding ring, and people the world over took the opportunity to speculate as to whether this was the “right” decision and whether both partners in a marriage should always wear wedding bands.

In our marriage, my husband and I both happily wear wedding rings every day. In our eyes, our rings are beautiful symbols of our love and commitment to one another, reminding us that we are not alone throughout each moment of joy, sorrow or frustration. Stephen and I stand behind one another and support each other in all that we do, and our rings are one of the many ways we share that perspective with each other and with the world.

That said, if a couple chooses to forgo wedding rings, or if only one partner wishes to wear one, I don’t feel that it’s in any way a bad decision. After all, marriage is about understanding one another and doing what’s best for you as a couple, and if that involves making the decision not to wear a ring, what right does anyone else have to pass judgment?

In the aerospace engineering world, there are also certain career paths that don’t allow employees to wear wedding bands daily when working around high-tech equipment. In light of this, I realize that there may come a time when Stephen will no longer be able to wear his ring while on the job.

Would I feel sad about this? Yes, because when Stephen wears his ring, it makes me feel as though I am symbolically with him even when we are apart. But would I become angry or incredibly upset? Absolutely not. After all, a ring may be a beautiful symbol, but at the end of the day, it’s just that -- a symbol. Marriage, of course, is about so much more.

Do you and you husband both wear rings? Would it bother you if your spouse chose not to wear a wedding band?

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  1. We do both wear our rings every day, but I take mine off as soon as I get home. My center stone is set really high, and it's too hard to work around the house with it on. My husband wears his all day, which makes me happy. I wouldn't mind at all if there ever came a point where he didn't wear his ring, though. My dad was a woodshop teacher, and never wore his, so I guess I'm used to seeing married men without their rings!

  2. We both do wear our rings. We consider them a symbol of our love and promise. Both of us would be hurt if the other decided they did not feel like wearing a ring, but it would be different if wearing a ring would be a hazard while on the job. I suppose however that it is a personal choice for each couple.

  3. Yes we both wear our rings everyday and we love wearing our rings. I feel naked when I have to take it off to clean or something. But I understand if you have a job where wearing a ring is dangerous.

  4. My hubby and I have the rings...I cannot wear mine any more because its WAY too small, and he doesn't because he is an electrician, but when we do go out he does :) One day I will get my ring fixed so that I can wear it again.

  5. We both wear our rings. I can't imagine not! Though I'd understand if my husband couldn't wear his at work if it was a safety risk.

  6. If it were a safety risk or something then no, I wouldn't mind. But as of right now, we both wear our rings and love wearing them. My hubby does like to take his off when he works out at the gym though as he lifts a lot of heavy weights, and also when he's surfing.

    I prefer to wear just my wedding band when I'm dressed more casual and wear both engagement ring and wedding band together when I dress up or something. Just my preference.