Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Be Back Soon!

Hi friends! The past week has been super crazy in my world, but I’m still here following your blogs and hope to be back next week with at least a couple new posts of my own, including one about ideas for our first anniversary, coming right up on June 4!

In the meantime, I’m trying to keep my head above water while prepping for a client’s wedding in June (so excited about it!), managing the Weddzilla Blog, and that little thing called grad school.

See you all again soon, and in meantime, take a peek at my little wedding coordinator in training. What do you think – has she got what it takes? :)

Have a happy Memorial Day weekend!

(Photo Credit: Personal Library)


  1. We'll see you when you get back. Good luck with the client wedding. You'll do great!

  2. That new trainee looks promising and full of potential. However, I sense nepotism surrounding her employment, HEATH-AR.

  3. Oooo have fun! We'll see you when you get back!

  4. We'll be here when you get back! Good luck with everything and thanks for stopping by my new blog :)

  5. have a fun break! and hope your anniversary planning is going well :)