Friday, May 6, 2011

One Gown Fits All?

Last week, as the fashion world buzzed over what the former Kate Middleton and now Duchess Catherine’s wedding gown would look like, with brides everywhere eagerly awaiting the chance to get copies, I couldn't help but wonder whether it would be wise for so many women to want to copy someone else – especially someone who might have a very different build and body type than they do.

Though Catherine ultimately went with a very classic and flattering style, if you’ve ever read a fashion magazine or looked at bridal runway shots, you already know as well as I do that wedding gowns are “sold” to the rest of us on models that oftentimes look very much like Catherine – tall and extremely slender.

In reality, as much as I loved attending the Bridal Market fashion shows last month, the lack of diversity on the runways and the twig-like figures of many of the models definitely didn’t go over my head. Though I consider myself to have a pretty trim and petite figure, one that I have worked hard to maintain over the years, the fact that even someone my size would be considered too curvy to head down the runway is truly disturbing.

From an industry standpoint, I well know that the goal is to sell as many gowns as possible and earn as much profit as possible. Most designers feel the best way to do this is to showcase gowns on thin models. But are these portrayed ideals realistic? Why is there so little cultural diversity in the fashion world, and is it wise for designers to market “Kate’s gown” to brides who may be better suited by a different style entirely?

What do you think?

(Photo Credit: Official Royal Wedding Website)


  1. I was watching a show the other day and this young woman was a size four.... she called herself a plus sized model. WHAT???

  2. I agree with everything you said! Rather than see a bunch of "copies" of Kate's dress, I'd love to see more gowns inspired by it. For example, I love that she wore sleeves! I had the hardest time finding a gown with sleeves, and I think that sleeves can be very flattering on all types of frames. It would also be nice to see models of all shapes and sizes in wedding fashion shows.

  3. I so agree with Kim!! Well said Kim :)

    Have a fab day!

  4. I've said this a gajillion times: people fall in love as-is and should be married as-is.

    In one fashion show there should be many diverse body types because that's what we all have out here in real-wedding land.

    Rock on, Heather.

  5. i agree with HiLLjO...people should definitely be themselves and not try to fashion themselves after anyone!!

  6. Well said. The gown is beautiful and a great inspiration, but each woman should really choose a gown that reflects her personality.

    p.s. Yes those donut treats in doilies are actually wedding favors!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  7. I agree, I cant understand why anyone would want an exact copy, as you say its not going to suit everyone and why on earth would you want a copy anyway!

    As Kim said, hopefully it just inspires people.

    Since I was getting married in a church, I too wanted some sort of sleeve but not made of a thick material; I was able to have a sheer lace bolero made which I loved as it was a bit different than just the strapless dress {obviously ahead of the game!}

    Oh and yes I so hate that they only show the dresses on thin models; they should strive for variety of all sizes, to try and suit everyone; dont get me started on shops only have tiny size samples to try on!