Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Eco-Chic or Just Eco-Shabby?

As a newlywed and now blog editor, I’ve been to my fair share of bridal expos throughout the past couple years. Some are more inspiring than others, but in general, they can be crowded, loud and generic. Well, this past Sunday, I attended the Mid-Atlantic Green Wedding Showcase in Maryland, and let me just say, I’ve never before been to a more fun and unique bridal show!

This week, Stephen and I are recapping the show’s eco-friendly wedding highlights on Weddzilla, complete with quick tips for planning a green wedding, eco-friendly fashion inspiration, and my husband’s personal favorite, “the mancave.” Feel free to check out those posts, and in the meantime, let me know what you think about the following topic.

I don’t know about you, but going to eco-friendly events always leaves me feeling in many ways inspired, yet guilty and even overwhelmed at the same time. Though I’d like to believe I do what I can for the environment, including simple things like recycling, turning off the heat or air when I leave the house, and using energy-efficient light bulbs, I also feel there’s so much I don’t do, mostly because I just don’t make the time.

Yes, even though I know it’s important, the selfish and busy part of me feels that my schedule is already packed enough, and I’m embarrassed to admit that most of the time, I just don’t want to put in the energy, or some cases, the money, to go the extra mile to be green in all areas of my life. Composting? Seems like a lot of work for an apartment dweller. Buying local? I can hardly find time to get to the grocery store for five minutes as it is, let alone scrutinizing my every purchase. Looking back on our wedding, I’m sure it was probably not the most eco-friendly of affairs, either. And this makes me feel bad.

What about you? Are you doing all you can to live eco-chic, or do you struggle with being eco-shabby, the way I do? Those of you who are living green, what tips to you have for a busy, time-crunched gal like me?

(Photo Credit: Mid-Atlantic Green Wedding Showcase)


  1. I do my best for being as "green" as I can with my schedule :) I am pretty busy too. I have started though going to my farmer's market every summer to buy locally :) But I think I do a pretty good job with the little time that I do have :)

  2. I could definitely stand to be a little more green in my life. My husband is a hard-core environmentalist who bikes to work, plants trees on the weekends for "Friends of the Urban Forest" and insists on buying locally-sourced food from the farmer's market. Hopefully I can borrow some of his "greenness" to offset my own carbon footprint.

  3. I am trying to be more eco-friendly ... I recycle and the other day I bought a pair of yoga pants made form bamboo haha

    I cannot imagine how trying it must be to plan an entire eco friendly event!

    Just read stevens post by the way... he is doing a great job!

  4. I feel the same way you do. I do what I can..but there's a lot I don't do...and I haven't really thought very "green" when it came to my wedding. I also think that sometimes the eco friendly products are more expensive and am left with an environmental or financial decision to make

  5. using green bags, green cleaning products, and buying locally at farmer's market are my little steps to bt green. my best green thing to do is to unplug all unnecessary electrical items when not in use (microwave, toaster, lamp, computer, router, ihome, etc). because of this our electricity bill is an average of $15/month.

  6. I make an effort, but there's always room for improvement!

  7. We do the best we can in our household. We buy locally when possible, recycle, use reusable shopping bags, etc. There's always room for improvement but even a little bit helps!

  8. Going green is definitely a lifestyle change. We started with our food and progressed over the next couple years into doing the shower filters and then the lights and things. It's just a gradual process you have to adopt over time as it is practical in your life.
    Don't worry about feeling guilty about "eco friendliness." Do you know how much mercury is in those twirly light bulbs? It's more hazardous than good!