Monday, February 14, 2011

A Fondue Valentine

Valentine’s Day at our house is pretty low-key this year. After all, it’s hard to make Valentine’s weekend plans when you spend the entire two days at the computer working on projects for grad school, wedding coodination class and so on. Though I sincerely love everything I'm working on in my life right now, and wouldn’t trade any of it for a second, I have to admit that this past week, I felt rather overwhelmed, at times finding it hard to stay positive.

This was particularly true when it came to my master’s classes. Though my program is technically designed for working professionals, this semester doesn't feel like it's shaping up that way. Never before in my life have I failed an exam, but after completing a business midterm on Thursday, which focused completely on one my most difficult subjects – accounting – I am truly hoping I earned enough points to pass the class. Needless to say, this is a pretty awful feeling for someone who prides herself on success and sets very high standards.

But in midst of all this stress, my husband has been my strength, helping me keep my head up and not give in. From cooking me dinner each night to listening to me vent, he reminds me each and every day why he such an amazing husband and friend. Yesterday, in the midst of my most stressful moment yet, Stephen surprised me with a wonderful dark chocolate fondue dessert, complete with fresh strawberries, graham-cracker-coated marshmallows, homemade brownies, and raspberry merlot wine. All in all, it was wonderful to take a break and enjoy a special treat with my guy, knowing that no matter what happens in other areas of my life, it’s our marriage that truly matters more than anything else.
Happy Valentine's Day, Stephen, and thank you for loving and supporting me no matter what crazy twists life brings our way. I love you!

How does your partner help you deal with stress, and how are you celebrating Valentine's Day?

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  1. We are having a pretty low key Valentine's Day...I work

  2. I'm so sorry to hear that your classes aren't shaping up to what you thought they would be! Grad school is tough, though, so if you're having problems I guarantee others are, too. I love fondue - sounds like you have an amazing guy to help you through anything! Happy Valentine's Day :)

  3. Oh lady I feel your pain! While I love accounting (I'm a b-school freak, I know) school is royally kicking my tush, too! I actually ran an all-weekend orientation for my new students and i had to warn them all about accounting, that it's hard and demands a ton of work! So good luck through that lady.

    As for us, Pete doesn't get home until 8 tonight so well be doing a low key affair too. I won't lie, I prefer it this way!

  4. I love fondue! It's one of our favorite things to do!

    Hope things work out with your class!

  5. Yum! Your fondue dessert looks amazing! I'm sorry you're feeling overwhelmed lately. You have the right mindset though and that's great you're leaning on your hubby. He's cooking you dinner and listening to you vent, man you got yourself a keeper! haha

    I hope you enjoy your Valentine's Day! :)

  6. raspberry merlot!!! Girl you have it made!!!

    I am sure you did great on your exam... even so my fingers are crossed!

  7. How sweet! Your fondue looks delicious! So sorry you're feeling stressed. Thankfully you have a great guy to lean on!

    We'll be having a very low-key evening. My parents were in town for my birthday (and wedding stuff) and my dad and fiance cooked a wonderful surf and turf yesterday. The leftovers are waiting for us and hopefully they'll be just as good.

  8. You lucky girl - chocolate fondue would totally make my day. I celebrated by.... having a normal Monday. But I'm ok with that, there was no glaring Singles Awareness this year!

  9. How sweet! Sounds like a fabulous night! You def. have a lot on your plate right now, and I'm sorry you're feeling stressed. Don't be so hard on yourself, you're doing great things right now and everything will work out fine for you in the end no matter what grade you got on your midterm. Lucky you to have such a great husband to help you through this!

  10. So sweet. And that fondue looks amazing. :)
    My husband is super laid back so whenever I get into stressball mode, he is really good at reminding me how to calm down.

    Unfortunately he had to work late last night, so we didn't do anything for Valentines.

  11. I'm sorry to hear that you're having a rough time with your classes! :(

    But your husband is so sweet, not only to be there when you need him, but to make you chocolate on Valentine's Day!