Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Making The Cut

From the simple yet elegant displays at the church to the wine-themed reception features, I couldn’t have been happier with the way our vision for décor came together throughout the wedding day. The cake table was no exception, and from the moment I saw it, I loved it.

Not only did the team at Skiff’s Cakes do an incredible job crafting a design based on the rough sketch Stephen had created, but our florist at Happy Flowers and coordinator from All Occasions Event Planning made the table look stunningly romantic, awash in rose petals and accented by our lovely “I Do” letters from Creative Custom Card Boxes. A few pretty petals even made it onto the cake itself!

As for the cutting? Stephen and I got tons of questions both before and during the reception about whether we planned to “smash” each other with cake. Did we? Have a look!

Though a few guests gave us a hard time right after the fact, they were soon way too busy stuffing themselves with delicious cake to give it another thought. And with one tier each devoted to cookies and cream, cream cheese and lemon raspberry flavors, I think everyone must have enjoyed it, because aside from the few slices our coordinator set aside for us to take home, there wasn’t a single piece left!

What's your cake and cake table vision? Is "cake smashing" your thing?

P.S. If you look closely, you may notice that, no, I did not remember to place my hand underneath Stephen's during the cutting, which is the proper etiquette. I was eager, excited, and it totally slipped my mind. Deal with it. :)

(Photo Credits: Alex Neumann Photography, Damien Smith Photography & Personal Library)


  1. Mmmmmm your cake sounds and looks gorgeous!

    We totally didnt cut it properly either but who thinks about things like that at the time!

    Cake smashing is never done over here at all but I would not have done it either!

  2. I love watching bits and pieces of your wedding video!!

    Our cake table was so simple but extremely elegant! Just what we wanted.

  3. Your cake sounds SO yummy!! I don't like the whole "cake-smashing" thing....

  4. Yum, cake! I love the little grapevine design on it. We didn't smash each other with cake either, and I forgot to put my hand with my husband's until he reminded me. Your table was very romantic and soft - love it!

  5. Your cake and table were so pretty! We didn't smash either, and to be honest I don't remember exactly how our hands were positioned when we cut the cake (I'll have to see in the video when it arrives!). Our maitre'd helped position us to cut it, so who knows if it was the "right" way. I don't think it matters at all, so long as the cake gets cut and enjoyed :)

  6. Your cake flavors sound delicious!

    I think the important thing with the cake cutting is that the couple is on the same page. If they bride and groom are both okay with getting some icing on their faces, then, by all means, have fun. I do think it's kind of cute and playful, but I do not want cake smashed into my face on my wedding day. Neither does my fiance. We've decided to save that for our first year anniversary.

  7. We are always so nervous as brides to see how everything came together from our little details into something so beautiful. And it is just amazing when you finally do see everything put together, and the cake is one of those big details you just cant wait to see! I think your cake, table, and display were so thoughtfully put together with love and caring. I love the cake cute!

    Our guests booed us too when we didnt smash it! LOL! Love these pictures!

  8. Your cake flavors sound delish! And everyone must have though so too if you had none left!

    We got a bunch of questions about the cake (or cupcake in our case) smashing, but I said no way.

  9. Amazing video, beautiful cake and as far as the cake smashing to each their own. Mr. Budget and I probably will not partake in the smashing cake tradition. But you never know.

  10. Yes your flavors do sound delicious. It makes my mouth water.

    I agree. I don't think my boyfriend and I will smash the cake. He hates being dirty.

  11. your cake sounds wonderful. we did not smash either since we didn't want to waste it.