Friday, December 3, 2010

DC Ladies Post: Large Wedding, Small Budget Tips

What do you picture when you think of a “big” wedding? Maybe a reception for 250 guests? How about 350? Well, for my bride-to-be coworker Kim, a “big” wedding means nothing short of 450 guests!

How can a bride with a huge guest list still be budget savvy? Head over to The DC Ladies, where I interviewed Kim about her top tips and tricks.

What's the largest wedding you've even been to?

(Photo Credit: Etsy)


  1. awesome interview!

    That's A LOT of people! I think the largest I have been to was about 250.

  2. 450 WOW!!!! That is a lot people, but I am sure a lot of love as well!!!

    I have only been to relatively small weddings, under 150 guests!

    Have a lovely weekend Heather!!!

  3. Heading over to check it out! We ended up with 315 guests at our wedding out of 396 invited. The largest wedding I've been to had 450 at the reception, but my husband has been to a wedding with close to 1000 people in the South Bay!

  4. I think the largest I've been to was in the 200 range. Mine only had about 90. I don't think I could even come close to thinking of 450 to invite to my wedding.

  5. WOW 450 guests! I don't think I know 450 people!! Thats amazing...cant wait to read how she's going to pull it off!!