Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Being Married Means...I'm Never Alone

An early happy New Year, friends! After a whirlwind holiday, I'm back in D.C., where I'm busy reorganizing and rearanging as I transition to the next phase of my career and life. I've had my ups and downs recently, but in the end, I'm feeling excited, positive and hopeful about what's on the horizon. Blog posting has been a bit lighter lately, but now that I'm back, I'm looking forward to getting caught up and hopefully announcing a couple great new projects in the new year.

As you can imagine, finally moving forward feels great, especially since my last few weeks on Capitol Hill post-election were nothing short of draining and depressing, wrought with oftentimes sticky and very uncomfortable meetings and conversations. Some days, even simply heading into the office was tough, while staying positive in the face of discussions that filled me with anxiety and distress was next to impossible.

But one day, just before heading into a particularly difficult meeting, I had an epiphany. Looking down at my wedding ring shining reassuringly on my finger, I remembered that although I might be physically walking into that meeting alone, emotionally, I am never alone. As I sat there in my empty office, I envisioned my husband, along with my family and friends, standing right there beside me, supporting me, loving me, and raising me up in all that I do, now and always.

As I gathered my binder and headed out the door, I momentarily found the strength to let go of all the stress and fear inside, focusing instead on how blessed I am to have a strong support system and a loving marriage that sustains me. We walked into that meeting confidently, my ring and I, Stephen and I, together as a team, unbroken, unwavering, and neither one of us alone.

(Photo Credit: Damien Smith Photography) 


  1. Happy New Year!!
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  2. So true - it's all about having a life partner!

  3. Beautiful post! You have the best attitude through this tough time, and it will serve you well. Good luck with the next steps!

  4. So beautiful! Best of luck and a Happy New Year!

  5. So true! Thinking of this always makes my troubles and worries seem easier to manage.

    Happy New Year Heather! I hope 2011 treats you well.

  6. Such a nice post! I totally agree. it's really comforting when things are hard in other aspects of your life. Happy New Year!

  7. This is lucky you are to be part of such a special team! Happy New Year!!

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