Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Heading to the Altar in 100 Days!

Yes, we’re finally entering the home stretch. Let the double-digit countdown begin!

At this time 100 days from now, Stephen and I will be surrounded by our family members and friends, celebrating and enjoying the beginning of our lives together as husband and wife.

After being engaged for nearly a year, I can hardly believe that in just three months, all of the fun and hard work that’s gone into planning our wedding will be transformed into a truly amazing celebration. In honor of being only 100 days out, here are 10 special wedding day moments I absolutely can’t wait to experience!

#1 -- Finally stepping into the gown of my dreams, with my mom and sister right there beside me to share the moment

#2 -- Glancing in the mirror and seeing myself as a “bride” for the fist time

#3 -- Our private “first look,” shared only with each other, our photographer, and our videographer

#4 -- Joining the rest of the wedding party to take pre-ceremony photos and video footage at the beautiful Gardens of the World

#5 -- Walking down the aisle to the processional tune from The Sound of Music, with my mom and dad at my side

#6 -- Exchanging a kiss and leading the recessional, after we’re at last pronounced husband and wife

#7 -- Our first dance, the result of many lessons, lots of hard work, and our truly working together as a team

#8 -- Watching the amazing slideshows my bridesmaids have lovingly created through hours of dedication

#9 -- Dancing the night away with friends and loved ones I haven’t seen in ages

#10 -- Sneaking off with Stephen for a private walk where we’ll reflect upon all that the day has meant and how our lives have forever changed

Which special moments do you find yourself daydreaming about the most, and which experiences are you most looking forward to? How long until your big day?

(Graphic Credit: Google Images)

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  1. Yay! Congrats on being 100 days away. We're almost there and I'm terrified, haha. I look forward to getting ready with the girls at the cottage and seeing the Mr. for the first time. And hopefully we'll sneak in some private time to reflect on everything.

  2. Congrats on 100 days! I like your #10 the best :) I have awhile left until our wedding . . . exactly 8 months as of yesterday! Time to kick my projects into high gear ;)

  3. 100 days away! So cool! We haven't even reached the 200 day mark yet :)

  4. That's awesome, I'm about a week ahead of you. It's going to fly by!!

  5. Your engagement length is just about the same as mine :) It's crazy to hit that double digit mark, isn't it?!? I know it is flying by for me. Seems like just yesterday I was waiting to hit 99 days and now today I'm at like 51 or something! It will be here before you know it! Congrats!

  6. Eeeeek how exciting! Not long to go!

    We are down to 38 to go now and still lots to do!

  7. Congratulations! This 100 days will pass before you know it. ~;o)

  8. How exciting! Enjoy the last 100 days of being a fiancee. It goes by so quickly!

  9. #10 -- Sneaking off with Stephen for a private walk where we’ll reflect upon all that the day has meant and how our lives have forever changed

    Wow! I'm super sure that it'll be a very romantic moment no matter how tired you guys are. Just being with the one you love takes away tiredness, right?! It's like the moment is worth everything.

  10. YAY! Congratulations to another day closer to your big day!!

  11. awww, I love this post. Found you via brideonbudget. I've, 7.5 months or so.