Monday, August 22, 2011

'Kaptur'-ing Our Day

Returning from our honeymoon last year to start organizing all of our wedding photos, videos and well-wishes was undoubtedly exciting but also somewhat daunting, since our friends, family members and vendors alike had tons of memories stored all across the Internet, on CDs, on photo-share sites and more.

After a year of juggling these items in different locations, I was excited to discover and start using Kaptur, an interactive website that allows you to easily bring together everyone’s photos, videos and updates for access via a personal online album.

Quick to set up and easy to use, this customized program pulls together media from sites including Facebook, YouTube and Flickr, along with items you choose to upload from your personal computer. Once you’ve created an album, it’s a cinch to share via email, Facebook or Twitter, too.

I plan to keep adding to my collection over time, and am thrilled to see my album and wedding story featured on the Kaptur blog today! Feel free to check it out and give this service a try for a fun and simple way to relive your day over and over. 

How did you or will you organize your wedding photos and video clips? 

(Graphic Credit: Kaptur) 


  1. Wow. What a great site. Can't wait to have some fun with it. Thanks Heather!!

  2. awesome! I'm going to check this out!

  3. WOW thanks for this wonderful tip! I will definitely check it out! You always have all the awesome inside scoop! :)

  4. what a cool website! Cant wait to check it out