Friday, August 19, 2011

Always The Bride, Never A Bridesmaid

How many times have you been a bridesmaid? If you’re like me, the number is zero. Have I been the bride? Check. Wedding coordinator? Check. But bridesmaid? Not yet.

Last week’s bridesmaid-themed Twitter chat (where I won a free copy of the movie Bridesmaids – yay!) got me thinking about these special ladies and what an incredible once-in-a-lifetime opportunity they have to share with the bride. I also started to think about those women who have been bridesmaids multiple times, for many of whom the thrill seems to eventually wane, with excitement and joy replaced by been-there-done-that sentiments and nagging concerns about money, time and other practical considerations.

While I can definitely relate to these concerns and agree that they’re incredibly important, in my eyes, weddings will always stand out as irreplaceable milestones – each one entirely different and unique in that it is the celebration of a singular love story, two distinct families and a personal vision that in its totality is not identical to any other event in the world.

On my wedding day, it gave me amazing joy to be surrounded by the nearest and dearest ladies in my life, including my lifelong sister, sisters-to-be, and close friends who have been at my side from elementary school to high school to college and beyond. These strong and inspiring women, including some who had been bridesmaids before and some who had not, know me better than anyone else, have stood beside me through thick and thin, and showed a genuine love and excitement about my day that truly meant the world to me. 

All in good time, I hope I’ll someday be able to return the favor and that no matter how many times I’m asked to be a part of a wedding, whether as a coordinator, guest or bridesmaid, the sense of magic will never completely fade.

How many times have you been a bridesmaid, and what was your experience like? 

(Photo Credit: Damien Smith Photography) 


  1. I was a bridesmaid in one of my best friend's wedding, and a maid of honor in our other best friend's wedding. I had an amazing time at both weddings, but being maid of honor I felt such a sense of relief when all of the plan I helped with finally fell into place. It was an amazing wedding, and I'm glad I was able to help my best friend have the day of her life.

  2. Ive been a bridesmaid 5 times so far!

    Twice when I was younger so didnt really do a lot then for two friends then for my sister.

    I felt I was a much better bridesmaids at the two weddings after mine since I had already been the bride and knew how they might be feeling and what help they might need.

    Im going to be a bridesmaid again twice next summer, for my sister in law and my best friend, which will mean I will then have been a bridesmaid for all 5 of my bridesmaids!

  3. I was a bridesmaid once in my brothers wedding. I consider it an honor to stand by a couples side as they say their vows and start their life together.

  4. I will be coming up to 4 times next year. I consider it a huge honor! I always get so teary eyed experiencing the entire day with the bride and seeing her excitement and emotion. I love it and I can't wait to be one again for one of my best friends next year.

  5. I share your feeling, Heather!
    Been a bride...
    Been a jr. bridesmaid... I saw it as being "jipped out of flower girl."

    I hope I get to be a bridesmaid and a wedding designer.

  6. I've been a bridesmaid four times and the last three the girls were almost worried to ask me. Like I'd say "No way, being a bridesmaid sucks!" LOL. I however feel honored and excited to be a part of their big day. I LOVE being a bridesmaid. I think it's fun! So glad you have such a great group of women in your life! There's nothing like ya girls!

  7. I have been a maid of honor in three weddings! It was a big responsibility but I loved every minute of it!!