Wednesday, October 19, 2011

An Aminal Print Wedding Gown?

Happy Wedding Wednesday! Though I was disappointed that my busy schedule kept me away from last weekend’s Bridal Fashion Week in NYC, I of course loved following all the hot trends and fashions on my favorite blogs. While there were many bold styles on display, the most daring by far made its appearance in a fellow blogger's tweet showcasing a full-length wedding gown with haphazard combinations of leopard and zebra prints, complete with hot pink accents.

Now, I’m a huge fan of the animal print trend in general, but a wedding gown awash in multiple prints? It was definitely a bit over the top, to say the least. Here, a few other animal-inspired findings that have recently turned my head. 

What do you think of these designs? Are they uniquely eye-catching or too wild for their own good?

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    pretty and certainly eye-catching...but no. LOL! I hope this doesn't' become a trend.

  2. Most of them are hideous, but I'd wear the butterfly wing one if it didn't have the feathers on top. That one is sort of pretty.

  3. oh wow. i couldn't see animal print working as a bridal gown. it's just too much. i do kinda like the butterfly print dress, but not for a bride's gown. best animal print at a wedding would be a shoe.

  4. wow. now those are animal print!

  5. I just got my first few items with animal print and only because it was Banana Republic and from the Mad Men Collection. I would not do an animal print wedding dress. Some folks can rock it and by all means, ROCK IT. I would never tell a Bride that she can't do what she wants.

  6. wow... I have to say I don't like any of them! I love a unique dress and wedding theme, but these are just a bit too much!

  7. Now those dresses say a statement!..yet I'm not quite sure what it is yet! LOL

  8. Oh my goodness! How beautiful is that butterfly dress?

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  9. This is quite inspiring!
    I am huge fan of Haute Couture, and progressive designers but I am just wondering if a Wedding dress loses it's classical shape, how will we make a difference between them and Haute Couture/evening gown and more importantly, do we need to make a difference?

    Great post girl!!!