Thursday, July 7, 2011

Beautiful Belluccia

After an incredible 4th of July weekend filled with wine tasting, shopping, food, fireworks and fun, I’m ecstatic to at long last be heading into the home stretch of my final grad class for the summer! Not only will wrapping up this class mean that I’ve survived my first year of grad school, but it will also mean I’m off to both California and St. Maarten for two weeks of family, friends, Disneyland, beaches and more.

Needless to say, I can’t wait, but first I’ve got to get through the next week and a half until we leave. That should be pretty easy to do considering that I’ve got a fun weekend in Boston planned just a couple days from now, and also because I received a very special treat this week from the talented and super sweet Debi Sementelli, calligrapher extraordinaire and creator of Lettering Art Studio.

When I was editor at Weddzilla, Debi was one of my favorite bloggers on our team, always quick to share helpful advice, creative ideas and fun giveaways with our readers. I’m so glad we’ve been able to keep in touch and that she’s now offered me a sneak peak at the newest font to join her collection, Belluccia, which she sent to me inscribed on an almost too-cute-to-eat sugar cookie!

Elegant yet not the least bit stuffy, Belluccia’s signature flourishes and unique lettering immediately caught my eye, bringing a smile to the face of someone not only obsessed with all things perfect for weddings, but also with the pretty fonts and paper types used in all different kinds of publishing.

Clearly created with brides and designers in mind, Belluccia would be a perfect choice for any project needing a hand-lettered look, especially since the font is available in four different versions. Want to learn more? Visit Debi’s blog for ongoing DIY projects using the Belluccia font, along with tutorials, giveaways and contests! You can also find this font via

Which font did you or will you use for your wedding invitations or any other special project?

(Photo Credits: Personal Library)  


  1. We're in the home stretch. Just one more week! See you tonight.

  2. That font is great! I'm so excited for you and all of your fun trips that you have coming up. You deserve it :)

  3. all of debi's work is great! that font is so pretty :)

  4. Heather,
    You are so sweet to post about Belluccia!

    I wanted to create a font so people who love custom calligraphy can include it in their events for a fraction of the cost.

    It was six months in the making so it's exciting to see it finally published.

    Here's a direct link:

    I'm especially interested in seeing what DIY brides and invitation designers create with it. I'll be posting their submissions on my blog to keep sharing great ideas.

    I've also got a set of "Country Chic" ornaments in the works that will be released soon.

    Have a wonderful vacation!

    Thanks again.


    You're missed at Weddzilla.

  5. Weddzilla is... not the same without you one bit. Let's leave it at that.

    That cookie is amazing!

  6. Loving that font. I have yet to decide on our fonts for the invitations, and to be honest I'm kind of dreading it since there are so many to choose from. And ditto HilljO's comment!

  7. what a pretty font. it's so flirty and feminine but looks so elegant.

    hope you make it through the next week and a half :)

  8. Wow, gorgeous font!

    Hope you have a great weekend in Boston!

  9. That was so sweet of her to send you this. Love the font and the cookie is so cute! :) Hope you are enjoying your deserve a relaxing time! <3

  10. Debi's font is sooo great! I've been slacking with my posts but I really have a whole slew of things that I used her calligraphy for in my wedding and I can't wait to show everyone! This is a fantastic font, I'm so excited it's released!