Friday, January 21, 2011

Gifts That Glittter

Though I may have suffered a major creative failure when it came to asking my bridesmaids to be a part of our wedding, when it came to choosing the right gifts, I had a lot more time to think and consider different options.

Hoping to choose something timeless and classic they’d be able to use again after the wedding, I ultimately settled on a diamond necklace and earring set for each girl. While the matching sets allowed for a unified look on the wedding day, I thought the pave design – a large center stone surrounded by smaller stones – would also be simple and versatile enough to work with a variety of other outfits in the future.

To help set my sister and maid of honor apart in a special way, I let her choose her own unique diamond set, along with a crystal headband she loved. A set of pretty journals rounded out my pre-wedding gift to each lady, which I presented in purple mini-totes the night of the rehearsal dinner.  

A few months later, for Christmas, I also gave each girl one final wedding-related gift – a framed photo of the two of us together just before the ceremony. Since I live across the country from most of my close friends and don’t get to see them often, knowing they have these photos helps me feel connected and close to them, and lets each girl know how much it meant to have her beside me on my wedding day.

What did you or will you give to your bridesmaids?

(Photo Credits: Alex Neumann Photography & Damien Smith Photography)


  1. Such great gifts! I especially love the idea of the framed photo of the two of you from before the ceremony. My bridesmaids got jewelry rolls, swarovski crystal necklaces and earrings made by my aunt, day-of emergency packs and I paid for their hair appointments the day of. I love buying great gifts for the people I love.

  2. that's so beautiful!

    For my bridesmaid I opted necklaces also :)

  3. So sweet that you gave them each a photo of the two of you together! I love the rich color purple of your wedding! I knew thats where my love for purple started! <3 Your wedding was beautiful! And Congrats on the Editor in Chief job!

  4. I was very happy to say that we made room in our budget to do some pretty cool gifts for the ladies. Since there were 7, I didn't think we would be able to - but we were able to afford to pay for the dresses (i got 7 for less than $175 bucks) & on rehearsal day,
    we did a mani/pedi for the ladies and gifted them with monogrammed tote bags that included
    Sole-mates for their heels
    cushions for the balls of their feet,
    a handmade hair piece for the day of and
    my mom hand crafted sterling silver beaded bracelets for them.

    I know how much they spent on the bi-coastal parties and celebrations, and the wedding itself, so I was happy that we were able to cover most of the cost of them being in the wedding.

  5. I think that's great you gifted each bridesmaid a frame with a photo from the wedding. I also plan to do the same after we get our pro pics back.